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Why Swanson's?
Is Your Cleaner Greener?
History of Swanson's
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1) Trust
We know you’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort to assemble just the right look and we want to keep you looking great. Trust your clothes to Swanson’s.

We’ve been in business in the Sacramento region since 1944. Our managers, cleaning technicians, and finishing staff each have years if not multiple decades of experience.

We are never satisfied. Every day we strive to make our company, our processes, and our technique better so that you look your best.

2) Environment
Swanson’s was one of the first cleaners to promote being GREEN. We’ve been recycling hangers and plastic bags for years (before it was ever a thought for our competitors). We have been leaders in our industry for making changes to our machinery that limit environmental impact. We have been pioneers in our industry by trying out new cleaning solutions that are safe for your clothes and our community. Nearly a decade ago we were one of the first cleaners in the world to use the revolutionary GreenEarth cleaning solution – a non-toxic cleaning solution made from sand.

Now, we are leaders once again by using a new process which is not only NATURAL and ORGANIC (like all the other guys claim to be), but also GREEN – all this while treating your clothes to an ANTIBACTERIAL bath. We call this new process

3) Flexibility
  • We're on your way – we've got lots of stores to choose from.
  • You're on our way – we've got FREE pickup & delivery (limited are only). We even offer ON-DEMAND service – contact us by 9am and we'll be there today (Mon-Fri)
  • We offer multiple cleaning processes – dry cleaning, wet cleaning, hand wash, laundry
  • We offer high end cleaning & pressing for your one of a kind items. Ask for our PREMIER service
4) Quality Cleaning & Pressing
Dry Cleaning

We Feature Our Unique REVIVE Cleaning System. Our award winning REVIVE system was recognized as "absolutely superb" by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute.

  • non-hazardous
  • non-chlorinated
  • non-polluting - does not contribute to green house gasses
  • reduced carbon footprint – our new system is much more energy efficient reducing our consumption of natural gas and electricity – in other words, it’s better for the environment CLEAN
Colors are significantly brighter and more pure than ever before.

Swanson’s REVIVE system is has no odor. You get your clothes back, ready to wear and don’t have to worry about smelling like a chemistry lab as you walk out the door.

REVIVE is 4 to 8 times gentler to your clothes than today’s dry cleaning methods. Since dry cleaning is gentler than your home washer and dryer you can imagine how wonderful your clothes must feel after bathing in our new REVIVE system.

To understand how we measure gentle, take a look at your own clothes dryer at home. Have you ever noticed that the lint trap in your home dryer is the same color as the clothes you just dried? This lint is actually the fibers from your garments that have been pulled out of the fabric - evidence of damage caused by your washer and dryer. It turns out that dry cleaning machines also have a lint trap. The lint traps on other dry cleaning machines are full of lint after each load, but with REVIVE the lint is minimal. In other words, if you want to preserve your clothes and keep them looking their best, stop by and ask for Swanson’s REVIVE system.

Sport Jackets/Suit Coats
  • Lapel is rolled NOT creased. We carefully roll (NOT crease) the lapel so that it starts about 1" above the top or 2nd button. When it comes to soft wools like gabardine – look for Swanson's to do a great job.
  • Collar covers the felt. We form the collar so that it covers the felt as it was meant to be.
  • No button or pocket flap impressions. We gently press (iron) the jacket so that there are no button impressions on the lapel or pockets and there are no pocket flap impressions on the jacket itself.
  • No shine on lapel or other parts of the jacket.
  • Sleeves are rolled NOT creased.
  • Single, sharp crease if applicable (others leave multiple creases)
  • No crease – pressed flat if applicable
  • Wrinkle free crotch area
  • No side seam impressions
Pleated Skirts/Dresses
  • Pleats are hand ironed with a sharp, clean finish.

Our laundry cleaning system is second to none. White shirts are extremely white and colored shirts are bright and vibrant. Any failed buttons are automatically replaced for free with "unbreakable" buttons.
One of the reasons our laundry shirts look so good is the cleaning process. Our process is tough on dirt and gentle on clothes.
  • We soften our water to maximize detergent effectiveness.
  • Water temperature is precisely controlled to activate the detergents for the best cleaning.
  • Detergents are monitored, calibrated, and delivered with one of the most sophisticated systems available.

Add these up, and you get the cleanest, brightest laundry shirts available – anywhere.


If you like starch, we've got the best in town. We buy the finest natural starch and cook it one batch at a time. Our starched shirts have more body while avoiding the starch spots that others may encounter.

If you like lots of starch, ask for our "Cowboy Starch". This process takes a while and is not available for quick turnaround.

PRESSING (ironing)

Dress Shirts
We pay particular attention to the following:
> Collars
> Cuffs
> Sleeve Plackets (gathered area around cuff)
> Buttons
  • Smooth collars. We "snap" every collar before pressing to prevent wrinkles and after pressing we massage it into shape with the top button fastened.
  • Collars are hand formed to fold down all the way at the back of the neck.
  • Smooth cuffs. Like the collar, we "snap" every cuff before pressing to prevent wrinkles.
  • The sleeve plackets are pressed with heated irons resulting in a nice crisp look.
  • Our starch is the finest natural starch available and is made to order – none, light, medium, heavy or "cowboy". It leaves a smooth consistent finish which makes your shirt look amazing while providing moderate soil protection.
  • Broken or missing buttons are replaced with "non breakable" buttons. Some of the best brands use low quality buttons that soften during processing and eventually break. We inspect each shirt thoroughly and replace any broken buttons before returning your shirts to you.
  • We offer hand ironing for a softer finish – just ask for our Premier service.
Casual Shirts
  • Little or no shine on dark shirts. This is difficult to do, but we do it best.