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Many drycleaners advertise themselves as organic. For the vast majority of these cleaners this is a dirty trick - nothing more than a marketing ploy. Normally we think of organic as something good and wholesome. In this case, organic means that these cleaners are using one of the hydrocarbon based cleaning solutions made by either Exxon (DF-2000) or Chevron (EcoSolv) which are very similar to gasoline. By scientific definition, these solutions are organic because they are hydrocarbon based, not because they follow some "green" guidelines.

Swanson's Cleaners is green!
We choose the best cleaning solutions to clean your clothes while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Dry cleaning with Swanson's is much better for the environment than washing at home. Your home washer flushes everything down the drain – detergents, dirt, grease, etc. In addition, the water you use for washing and rinsing is also flushed down the drain. Because of our unique cleaning process, we de-still (purify) our cleaning solution each and every load allowing us to re-use the pure cleaning solution over and over again (recycle).

In addition to conserving water, we consume less electricity and natural gas to clean your clothes than a home washer or even our dry cleaning competition. Our unique cleaning process thoroughly dries each load quicker and at cooler temperatures making it safer for your clothes and better for the environment.