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Swanson's Cleaners has been dry cleaning and laundering clothes in Sacramento ever since my grandfather opened up for business in 1944. We've obviously got a long history here and a lot of local pride. That being said, Swanson's is thrilled that we helped to found Coats for Kids and have been able to give back to our community each and every year since 1991.

For us, what makes Coats for Kids so special is that it is a very hands-on, personal way to support Sacramento and our surrounding communities. It is more than just a monetary donation or a one day event. For more than a month, Swanson's Cleaners is able to donate our time, energy, and know how. We're very fortunate to be able to really get involved at the ground level and see how generous Sacramento can be and how appreciative the recipients truly are at the end of the year.

Many years and hundreds of thousands of coats later, with the partnership of Swanson's Cleaners, Salvation Army and News10 still going strong, the program is running better than ever. Last year Coats for Kids collected over 27,108 coats. Swanson's Cleaners is looking forward to collecting even more coats in 2011.

Thanks for your help and support.